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Farmer: Does everyone have the same terms and conditions with the credit card service?

Informer: No, You need to negotiate the best deal for yourself

Each financial service provider has different terms and conditions when they provide credit to consumers.

  • The best borrowers make sure they are obtaining the best product by:
    • Making sure you know what is out there. Check what is advertised on the website or brochure, or with the financial service provider directly.
    • Compare products from different financial service providers! Each provider has different fees, interest rates and other terms and conditions. The provider may be willing to negotiate on some of these costs if you are informed about other providers’ products. The more information you have, the better your position to negotiate!


Farmer: What are the rights and responsibilities that I have as a borrower?


Informer: A loan is a legal agreement. The financial service provider must provide you with written information on responsibilities for your loan.

  • You should read the loan document carefully, especially the loan contract before you sign it. If you have any questions about the information, ask the financial services provider. Don’t be shy to ask questions!
  • If you have trouble making the repayments, you should contact your financial services provider as soon as possible. The provider can give information on how to make the repayments if your situation has changed. They are there to help you, use them!
  • The smartest consumers always make sure they know what their credit balance is, how much they owe, their interest amount and how it is calculated. They must also know their repayment schedule to avoid falling into bad debt. Make a plan and stay aware!