Citizens’ Rights and Obligations

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ប្រាប់នរណាម្នាក់អំពីព័ត៌មានអប់រំ Citizens’ Rights and Obligations របស់សេវា ៣-២-១ ដោយផ្ញើសារSMS >

Legal landlords have the rights to use their properties based on their own wills and manage their land solely with no interference. Legal private ownership right is very crucial as it can protect you when you fall in any land dispute. No one’s ownership can be taken away unless if it’s the public’s sake and must be properly compensated with a reasonable amount and justification.

Legal land ownership can be obtained/transferred through purchasing, exchanging, inheriting, social land concession and legal possession with proper legal registration.

  1. Possession
  2. Legal Possession
  3. Land Enjoyment Rights
  4. Land Management and Administration
  5. Legal Land Purchase Guarantee
  6. Types of Land Ownership