Types of Land Ownership

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ប្រាប់នរណាម្នាក់អំពីព័ត៌មានអប់រំ Types of Land Ownership របស់សេវា ៣-២-១ ដោយផ្ញើសារSMS >

In Cambodia, there are two types of land ownership. They are private ownership and public ownership.

Private ownership refers to the right of an individual, of a company or a co-ownership between husband and wife.
Public ownership refers to the use which is for the sake of the public, for examples, forest lands, protected lands, lakes, rivers, mountain, pagoda, etc. No citizen can administer the state’s lands on their own will.

  1. State’s Public Ownership
  2. Committee of municipal cadastral survey
  3. State’s Private Ownership
  4. administration committee
  5. Community Ownership
  6. Land dispute resolution task force
  7. Role of the court on land dispute